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Philips Lumileds Lens

Philips Lumileds Lens (LED based) is manufactured by Philips Lighting Company offering a range of high-power light-emitting diodes (LED) featuring high efficiency too. 

An Interesting Beginning
LumiLeds Lighting B.V. was fashioned in Nov 1999 as a venture between Philips Lighting and Agilent Technologies, a production of Hewlett-Packard. At the time of formation, it had been AN equal partnership with every company owning a five hundredth share in Lumileds Lighting.. In August 2005, Philips non-inheritably took a dominant stake in Lumileds once it purchased Agilents forty seventh share of the corporate for USD $950 Million. This resulted in Philips owning 96.5% of the corporate shares with the remaining 3.5% in hand by staff. In the period between December 2006/January 2007, Philips non-inheritably bought the remaining 3.5% of the corporate shares, creating Philips Lumileds Lens (LED based) a fully-owned subsidiary of Philips Lighting. 

Extensive Range of Products Par Excellence
Lumileds develops and markets high-powered and high-efficiency LEDs for a good vary of uses. The merchandise area unit classified into the Luxeon, SuperFlux and SnapLEDs lines of LEDs. not like SuperFlux and SnapLEDs, the Luxeon line of LEDs has multiple sub-families packages, potency and output.
Lumiled merchandise area unit employed in general lighting, automotive lighting, moveable lighting, digital imaging, show backlighting, signal and aggregation applications like most makers turn out LEDs for the OEM market, Lumileds merchandise area unit binned consistent with wavelength, lucent flux(output) and forward voltage. Philips Lumileds Lens (LED based) starting binning the LEDs, makers make sure that somebody will purchase a selected diode and bin from them and apprehend that every one LEDs from that bin can operate and seem primarily just like one another. Once multiple LEDs area unit employed in AN array, like automotive taillights, it becomes essential that the LEDs not solely seem identical however behave just like each other. (Note, however, that Lumileds have spare output and radial asymmetry that automotive tail and indicator lights want solely use one device, avoiding the complication and price of AN array; solely one Luxeon I is required to provide an evident result comparable to the poorly-directed, color-filtered 21W incandescent bulb that is traditionally used for this application)

Luxeon: The Trendsetter in LED Technology
Luxeon is Lumiled's brand name for his or her high-energy LEDs that dissipate one watt or additional. Models that are available in this series are Luxeon I, Luxeon III, Luxeon V, Luxeon K2, Luxeon Star, Luxeon Rebel, Luxeon Flash, and Altilon. In 2009, Lumileds declared that the Luxeon I/II/III/V and Dapsang lines area unit inaccessible for brand spanking new styles, and can get replaced by the Rebel series. Philips Lumileds Lens LEDs turn out high lightweight output from single emitters and thus a preferred selection among torch makers. They're conjointly remarkably used in automotive lighting applications, most notably within the white DRLs of the new Audi S6 and the back lights of the ultra-luxurious Cadillac DTS.

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